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Michelle Willingham

Michelle Willingham's latest, Her Warrior King, is her best book so far. Great tension, great characters, great plot, great setting, everything about this book is fantastic. Once again Willingham has delivered a book that reminds me of my original love for historical romance, those early days when I'd get calls from my local Waldenbooks letting me know the latest Julie Garwood or Johanna Lindsey was in. In Her Warrior King Irish King Patrick MacEagan is forced to marry Norman Isabel de Godred to save his tribe. Patrick has every intention of giving Isabel her freedom once he's defeated the Normans, but Isabel has other ideas. She wants to serve as real queen to the MacEagans. Patrick admires Isabel, but he won't choose her over his people. From page one I wanted these two to find their happily ever after, but I had no idea how Willingham was going to pull it off, especially when Isabel's father shows up and changes all Patrick's plans. WHOA. The book is available now, but hurry. It's category, so it's only available for a month.

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I go back to work tomorrow. Our school board approved a schedule that didn't give teachers two weeks off this year AND next year. Ugh. I'm supposed to lead some campus workshops tomorrow and all I can think is HOW am I supposed to spin being there into a positive when everyone is going to be so upset with the shorer break? Oh well. As one of my favorite students says attitude is a choice. Now I need to make myself believe that. :-)
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