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Category and contests

I didn't finish the last book I started.
I LOVE category romance, especially during the school year when time is so limited.
When I pick up a book, I know what I'm getting. Each line promises a certain something to their readers, and their readers expect that certain something. When we don't get it, it's frustrating. The book was Nocturne. Every Nocturne I've read has blown me away. I've LOVED the line. And then I started reading this book and it was like Nocturne light AND a little ridiculous.
Nocturne always requires a willing suspension of disbelief. But when I'm constantly saying "oh come on, are you kidding me?!?!" to myself, I have to stop reading.
I picked up Rogue at Wal-Mart this week. YAY! I can't wait to read this book! Rachel Vincent builds an incredible world in her werecat series.  AND I read The Giver this week. OMG, if you haven't read this book, you MUST. I'm going to read 1984 and Brave New World next and then develop a cool lesson.

I've entered a contest and I have four more picked out. I didn't final in GH this year, and I don't think I'll enter again. Instead, I'll take the  expense and put it toward chapter contests. I usually like the feedback I get, even when it's not nice. :-)

Lessons: I put together a multi-media project today that I LOVED and my students responded to also. We've been studying press ethics and my kids pretty much agreed the press was a bunch of dirty skunks AND  the way they intrude on  privacy is never okay and the way they make us feel bad is totally uncool and all news media should just disappear. I kept saying those kinds of statements and my kids kept agreeing with me. NO ONE argued with me, no one questioned me. Twelve weeks into the semester and they haven't learned to question authority. Ugh.
I showed some powerful photos w/ full captions, and I asked the question: Crossing the line OR Doing their jobs. You decide. And I didn't say a word.
VERY Interesting discussion.
Hopefully they get it now.

I'm going to have them watch this this week. And then we're going to talk again.
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