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Bedrest part 212

Things I've discovered this week on bedrest:
•If I look at my ceiling long enough, I see faces in the popcorn stuff sprayed up there. One of the faces looks exactly like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
•The middle cushion on my couch is a little lower then either sides. (I paid a LOT for this couch! How can it already be uneven?)
•There's this funky cobweb hanging from the top left corner of the linen closet.
•If you divide 5007 by 17, you'll understand why the pattern is off by one. (Just joking. I'd never get that bored. I don't even know if that made sense!)
•eBay isn't always cheaper and it gets boring after twenty minutes.
•Purple toes are kind of cool looking.
•There's a Reece's wrapper under dh's recliner. We haven't had that candy here since 1969. Nah, we really haven't had it here since Halloween three years ago.
•Karen Kelley's blog is really funny.
•My baby toe hides under the toe next to it whether it's swollen or not.
•Nine of the bricks in the broken fireplace are darker than all the others. Weird.
•I can listen to the Wicked soundtrack back-to-back three times and still not be tired of it.
•My pinky toe on the surgery foot still has the nail polish from the Europe pedicure I got the day before leaving for London even though they took off all the polish right before they did surgery.
•I have a freckle behind my left knee I never knew was there.
•My mom can do magic, also known as touch therapy. She can run her hands just above my leg up and down over the area where I had surgery and pull the pain out. DD and DH have tried without success.
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