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Ankle update

I went to the doctor in Dallas again today and this time, he liked the way the ankle, leg and foot looked, so the cast came off and I got put in a boot. Good part: I can shave my leg! Bad part: DEAR GOD it hurt when he moved my foot to almost the right position. :-) I still can't put any real weight on it, but I do get to start working on ankle movement, and over the next two weeks I'll be working to remove two wedges in the heel portion of the boot so my foot can be flat for my next appointment August 13. Very BEST part: I'm finally off bedrest. My five week hiatus from life is over. I won't walk for two weeks, but I don't have to stay toes above nose. The doctor said it will still swell, and when that happens, I need to rest, but I'll be okay. I know the next few weeks will be painful, but it's all part of getting better. I'm off the heavy duty painkillers now too, so I can carry on real conversations, remember talking to people and even make rational decisions. :-)
Thank you all so much for the prayers, the food, the positive thoughts, the books and everything else. I wanted to keep you posted. I'll never talk about Gladiator ghosts again, but I will go back to Italy one day.
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