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So today, for absolutely no reason,  I burst out crying. Actually it was sobbing. I was sitting in DH's recliner, and he'd just walked in from mowing in 108 heat, and I lost. it. And he got this really strange screwed up look on his face and said, "Ah, Babe, don't cry. What's wrong? What are you crying? Can I get you anything? Don't cry." and a million more don't cries, and I couldn't stop. It was a flashback to 8th grade, only this time this sexy, amazing man was standing there beside me looking like maybe the body snatchers had stopped by our house while he was out busting his butt, and it totally freaked me out. I really, really need to get better so I can go out in the real world. I'm even ready to go back to school. Maybe the Body Snatchers DID stop by while DH was out working today.
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