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Fictionwise: When I first found out about eBooks on my iPod Touch (thanks MARY!!!!), I tried out a few free ones and loved them. And then, UGH, Igot caught in the DMR hell of not being able to read the books I'd bought because they didn't work on the iPod. Then Tammy on eHarlequin told me about Fictionwise. It's cheaper, and I have tons of books with me all the time, AND I can stay within my book budget. I love Fictionwise!
Stanza: My first e-reader program. Didn't work with Adobe. BUT now it works with Fictionwise's eReader. One day I'll go back to it, but right now, it's too difficult to use with Fictionwise. I have to unregister and then re-register, and I'm just not sure about that and my Micropay account. Coolest thing: someone from Stanza replied to my blog about being so upset I couldn't read my Harlequin novels on Stanza!
ebooks: I love ebooks. I can't believe it took me so long to join the revolution. I thought I'd miss paper. Nope, not even a little. I want to buy Talk of the Town, but I can't get it at Fictionwise right now, so I'll be waiting.
FullTilt Poker: This is a carry-over from last year, but I love playing poker online with play money. It's so much fun. I'm going to try the real thing later this year. I'm so afraid!
Blu-Ray and HDTV: Early Christmas present. Best buy ever! Only bad thing: we can see the makeup on the old movies like Wizard of Oz.
eHarlequin's book challenge: Everyone should join in next year. It's for literacy, plus it's a great community of readers.
USA Health Care!: Dear GOD, after the free Italian experience, I can say I am forever thankful for my medical bills, even though they're high. I'll take high medical bills over two nurses on duty for an entire ward of bed-ridden patients any day!
Cookies!: I had so much fun cooking for my gifts this year and exchanging recipes with friends on eHarlequin. I'm looking forward to continuing this tradition. Unfortunately, I must stop now as I've gained 10 pounds. ACK!
Micropay: This is the coolest thing about Fictionwise. Using Paypal I put money on my Micropay account, and I have a book budget, AND I get rebates with every fictionwise purchase. This week, I got 100% rebate on six books. Can't beat that!

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