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New time sucks

 1. Dark Shadows minisodes on YouTube. I never watched the show, but I've heard about it my entire life. Creepy and good!
2. eBay. o**o beat me, but man, that was fun!
3. Facebook. You can spend HOURS on Facebook. Way more fun than MySpace.
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Them bones, them bones, them dried bones

Honestly it's a miracle I haven't broken bones before now.
DH calls me "graceful" on a regular basis. He says it in that wonderfully sexy way with that wonderfully sexy smile covering his real meaning of "gee, dear, I can't believe you had a problem walking and talking at the same time." So when people see us together and I trip and he says I'm so graceful and I shoot him the bird, they don't quite get it, but he and I totally understand each other.
There's the truth.
I really can't walk and talk or chew gum or think happy thoughts at the same time.
When I walk, I have to pay attention. To the road. Or my feet. Or the cars coming my way. Whatever. I'm the biggest clutz I know.
So it's surprising, really, that I've never suffered the agony of broken bones before.
Now that I have, I have this awesome story to go along with the nasty scars. (Italian doctors don't care about cosmetic stitches. The US doctor said it looked like they used kite string to stitch me up.)
How many people can say they were taking a group of kids back to the bathrooms at the Coliseum, talking about how many ghosts there must be in the place where so many died when, BOOM, down the stairs she fell resulting in a broken ankle and tibia and six weeks of bed rest, two surgeries (one in Italy!) and physical therapy?
One day this will all go in a book. For now I'm focusing on my "she sees dead people" book. It'll be interesting to see where it goes.
Something new I learned today: Hydrocodone makes me sleepy. Its sister OXY just wakes me up. Bummer.
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The fall

Well, I did it. Somehow, last night getting into bed, I fell. On the broken foot and leg. I have no idea how. I tried replaying the moment a million times and I can't figure out what I did wrong.
All I know is it hurt like a *** and scared the crap out of me. Getting up this morning my entire body shook like I was going out to face a Great White Shark or my mother after she caught me skipping school or God on Judgment Day. If this is what it's like after falling on  broken leg, I can't imagine what it's like to be a soldier in Iraq or my mother who somehow gets back in her car and drives even though she was hit broadside by a semi that run a red light and was going 50 mph.
On a brighter note, I'm reading an AMAZING book: Slightly Married by Wendy Markham.
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Wrong, wrong, wrong

For as long as DD's had summer breaks, I've said the words "Bored is a choice. Find something to do." I usually say the words the first time around July 5 and then a million times over until school starts again. ll these years I've totally believed the words.
After 23 days of bed rest I've changed my mind.
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Ways to pass too much time

1. Dream up ways to kill off mean people as characters in future books...be careful discussing these ideas as your family might decide your pain pills are making you psychotic.
2. Movies. Even bad movies are interesting when you're stuck laying down all the time.
3. Books.
4. Crayons and coloring books--got this one yesterday from my good friend Karen Kelley. VERY good idea. She also brought chocolate. What a friend!
5. Join Facebook and cruise the family reunion group.
6. Blog
7. Ask DH and DD to change the channel, then change mind, then change mind again, then laugh when they realize you're just teasing them,
8. Imagine all the things you're going to do when you can walk again.
9. Try to learn more about My Space
10. Listen to audiobooks and laugh when you wake up and you've heard nothing for forty-five minutes so you're completely lost.
Others: laugh often because if you whine too much, you're just going to be miserable and THANK GOD it's not worse.
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