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Harry Potter and DD are the same age. For the years she and I have been reading the books, Harry and DD have been growing up. And when I reached the end Saturday, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. HP is done. DD is getting ready to start her last year of high school. It doesn't seem possible. We should still be going to the library to check out books in the children's section. DD should be bringing me copies of Heather Has Two Mommies and My Daddy's Roommate, books she'd never even noticed before a local minister tried to have them removed from the library. We should be laughing at all the people who said reading Harry Potter was dangerous for our souls because Harry Potter was (whisper) about witchcraft. We should be getting ready for sixth grade or junior high or maybe ninth grade. DD should still be wearing her t-shirts and jeans and rolling her eyes at people who shopped at Abercrombie and Banana Republic and GOD forbid, spent more than $30 on a pair of pants or wasted money on hair color. :-)

New Hairspray: It was okay. The Broadway show blew me away. I LOVED the old movie. The new one...I don't know. It seemed to be trying too hard to stay PC and Hairspray just isn't PC.

Harry Potter

I didn't write yesterday. I didn't do much of anything yesterday because I spent all day reading the final Harry Potter. I was afraid to wait because I didn't want anyone to ruin the ending of the book for me and it seems like everyone from the news to youtube to e-mail is talking about it. I LOVED it. That's all I'm saying. JKR is a goddess. I'm so sad it's all over.