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DD's friends wanted her to stay in town for a hurricane party, but the university issued wrist bands for students staying behind scared DD enough that she evacuated. Watching the Ike coverage on TXCN, I can't say I'm sorry she's here. I'd be scared to death if she'd have stayed behind. That said, she REALLY needs to understand mom's not made of money, AND that while staying out all night while you;'re in the dorms is no big deal, it's a HUGE deal if you try that business at home. Curfews might keep kids safe, but the real reason they exist is to keep moms sane!


DD's home from school for the holiday. We were unsure about her coming home, but then Gustav happened. For the first time, we worry about hurricane warnings. Fortunately DD left early or she'd be stuck in the Houston traffic mess now. She barely missed it though.
She's headed to family reunion tonight. I'mmissing it this year because of the ankle. :-(
I'm so glad she's here!!!!